Migrating from other editors

Bold text denotes the names of actions you can type in the Find Action dialog (Ctrl+Shift+A or quickly press Shift twice for Find Anything). Shortcuts are given for the default Windows/Linux keymap. To learn shortcuts for your keymap consult Help > Keymap reference. Shortcut for an action is also displayed in the Find Action dialog.


To bring some of Emacs keybindings to intellij-rust, enable Emacs keymap in the settings. This will also enable Emacs tab and Emacs selection.

A crucial thing missing from the Emacs keymap is M-x. To enable it, change Find Action binding to M-x in File > Settings > Keymap. If you want more Emacs editing commands and a more uniform handling of UI panels (C-g, C-x 1, C-x 0) consider this plugin, but be warned that it is still in beta.


To bring your favorite modal editing to intellij-rust, please use the IdeaVim plugin.