Bold text denotes the names of actions you can type in the Find Action dialog (Ctrl+Shift+A or quickly press Shift twice for Find Anything). Shortcuts are given for the default Windows/Linux keymap. To learn shortcuts for your keymap consult Help > Keymap reference. Shortcut for an action is also displayed in the Find Action dialog.

Are you experiencing problems after update?

In general, plugin updates should go smoothly. Though, if you experience some weird behavior, try reimporting your project or/and rebuilding indices (using Invalidate caches/Restart action). Previous versions are available at

Is Cargo project structure correct?

At the moment, we support only Cargo based projects. Use Cargo toolbar to see the list of linked Cargo projects:

Check you can build the project with cargo build. You can use cargo metadata command to understand how exactly IntelliJ Rust sees your project.

Is the Rust toolchain properly setup?

Check Settings > Languages & Frameworks > Rust to see if paths to cargo, rustc and standard library are set up correctly.

Do IntelliJ Rust and Cargo work together?

Invoke Refresh Cargo project action to force IntelliJ Rust to update Cargo related project info. You should see a notification about successful update.

Maybe it is a bug?

If neither of these tips helped you, do not hesitate to file an issue on our bugtracker or ping us on our chat.