Normally, the plugin update should go seamlessly. In case of any issues, try refreshing the project (click Refresh in the Cargo tool window) or rebuilding indices ( File | Invalidate caches / Restart from the main menu).

Previous versions of the plugin are available at the JetBrains plugin repo.

Toolchain setup

To make sure your toolchain is set up correctly, go to Settings / Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Rust and check the Toolchain location and Standard library paths.

Cargo project structure

Currently, the plugin supports only the Cargo-based Rust projects.

Check the Cargo tool window to make sure your project is imported properly. To force the project structure update, click Refresh in the Cargo tool window (or call Refresh Cargo project using Help | Find Action). You should see a notification about the successful update.

Macro expansion

If your code includes macros or you experience problems with name resolve, highlighting, or some analysis features (especially related to methods of primitive types), try switching to the experimental macro expansion engine in Settings / Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Rust, Expand declarative macros.

Filing a bug

If neither of these tips help, feel free to file an issue (use the Help | Create New Issue action to quickly fill the form in) or ping us in gitter.