New features

  • GoTo symbol (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N) works for methods.
  • Completion works for prelude symbols.
  • More formatter options with new code samples in settings (contributed by @mkaput).
  • It is possible to run all tests inside a single module.
  • Functions and statics inside extern "C" { ... } blocks are properly resolved.


  • Proper lexing of && as one or two tokens
  • A ton of fixes for funny bugs in resolve and types:
    • proper scoping for “downwards” resolve: generic parameters are not resolved outside the item,
    • RustPathElement is not a NamedElement,
    • RustRegPat is really a RustRefPat (reference pattern) and it is actually extends Pattern,
  • Couple of NPEs and IllegalStateExpcetions during type inference,

  • A bunch of tests for type resolving and expression typing.


  • Refreshing RRE: new scopes API, old Resolver class is killed, enumerateScopesFor is moved inside RRE.

  • RustItemElement is now an interface. RustFnElement is now a supertype for a bunch of function-like PSI nodes

  • Stubs improvements:
    • methods now have stubs
    • isPublic is stored in stubs
  • getIcon still depends on some AST information, so goto symbol unfortunately parses the world at the moment.