IntelliJ Rust

Open-source Rust plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs


Stable builds

IntelliJ Rust is in active development, and we regularly publish new stable builds to the JetBrains plugin repository. You can download and install them directly from Settings / Preferences | Plugins | Marketplace in your IDE.

Nightly builds

In addition to stable releases, we also ship nightly snapshots of the intellij-rust development branch. To use the nightly channel, add a custom plugin repository and set the following URL:

Compatible IDEs

The plugin is compatible with all Intellij-based IDEs like IDEA, CLion, or PyCharm. The latest plugin version supports the latest released platform version (for example, 2019.2).

Bug reports and feature requests

Please use our tracker. You can get there quickly right from the IDE: call Create New Issue on a selected piece of code, and you’ll jump to a pre-filled issue creating form.

Also feel free to ping us on Gitter.



Intelligent Rust

editor features

IntelliJ Rust brings JetBrains-quality language support and full IDE experience to your Rust workflow.

Rust becomes native to IDEA, CLion, and other IntelliJ IDEs with smart coding assistance, seamless Cargo support, and built-in test runner.

In CLion, you get even more: fully-fledged debugger, CPU profiler, and Valgrind memcheck.

What's new

IntelliJ Rust Changelog #110

New Features

  • Add completion inside cfg attributes. Note, the set of supported options is quite small and doesn’t include features at this moment

  • Toml plugin improvements:

    • Provide color settings for toml language. You can change the corresponding colors via Preferences | Editor | Color Scheme | Toml setting panel
    • Highlight escape symbols like \n or \u0020

      highlight toml escape symbols

    • Highlight integer numbers, dates and keys properly. Previously, the plugin didn’t determine integer numbers, dates, and number/date-like keys while highlighting.
  • Show parent item (trait or impl) for associated items in usage results


  • Fix navigation in Build tool window for compile errors comes from macro expansions. Note, Build tool window is disabled by default for now. To turn it on, enable option via Experimental Features dialog
  • Fix parsing of compile errors to show them correctly in Build tool window. It also fixes the absence of error annotations provided by external linter (see Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Rust | Cargo | External Linter) in some cases
  • Improve detection of type mismatches for partially unknown types
  • Do not show deprecate error annotations for Self identifier
  • Ignore impls with unresolved trait while name resolution
  • Render parameter hints without unexpected mut, extra spaces and line separators

Full set of changes can be found here