New Features

  • Add Code Vision hints

    • #10763 Usages hints for some top-level items

    • #10756 VCS hints

  • #10744 Improve completion of if and match keywords

  • #10718 Show the macro expansion in quick documentation on hover

  • #10729 Add the quick fix for printing a struct that doesn’t implement Debug or Display traits

  • #9424 The intention to convert a match expression to a series of if let expressions is now offered in more situations (by @Kobzol)

  • #10716 Respect CARGO_HOME env variable when looking for Rust toolchain

  • #10739 Support Unused must_use inspection for impl Trait

  • #10714 Support c_str_literal feature

  • #10726 Add inspection to replace therad_rng().gen() with random() from rand crate


  • #10760 Adjust IntelliSense file size limit for Rust files. This fixes the expansion of macros from swc

  • #10755 Implement impls search for an alias of an alias and for an alias usage

  • #10749 Fix expansion of macro in pattern binding position

  • #10748 Fix type inference for macro expanded to closure

  • #10721 Consider trait bounds when performing dereference

  • #10720 Fix resolve of an associated type pointed to an enum variant

  • #10719 Fix Cargo tool window initialization on 2023.3

  • #10706 Fix handling of stdlib dependencies on 1.72.0-beta

  • #10702 Don’t show integer literal suffix completion if the literal already contains a suffix

  • #10685 Support multiple values in .cargo/config.toml (by @mryall-mawson)

  • #10762 Remove unused_qualifications lint from unused group, change level to WEAK WARNING

Internal Improvements

  • #9958 Add support for showing implementations (inheritors) Code Vision. Note, these hints are available starting with 2022.3 and are currently disabled by default. You can turn it on via Registry... | (by @Kobzol)

  • #10708 Make 2023.2 the default platform for development

  • #10705 Merge toml module source into the main module

Full set of changes can be found here