New Features

  • :tada: First alpha is published. :tada:
  • Completion contributor for #[derive()] clause (contributed by @bgourlie).
  • Stubs and Goto Symbol for fields.
  • Resolve and completion for static methods.
  • Better notifications about Cargo version in use.
  • Type inference for enums, primitives, references and type aliases.
  • Formatter option to set a minimum number of blanks between items.


  • Language ID is changed from RUST to Rust.
  • Literals are properly highlighted inside attributes (contributed by @mkaput)
  • Better parser recovery in if, while and match.
  • More tests and fixes for type inference.


  • RustModuleIndex is now based on stubs.
  • Tests to make sure that certain operations work on stubs and don’t access the AST (getIcon, itemPresentation and getReference are checked ).
  • Resolve caching.
  • RustComputingVisitor is used in type inference.
  • Overhaul of pattern matching code.