New Features

  • Better parser recovery inside impls.
  • Completion popup is automatically shown after typing ::.
  • Red code: impls with missing or wrong methods are highlighted. A quick fix to add missing methods is available.
  • Red code: duplicated fields in structs are highlighted.
  • Run configurations: when creating a test configuration from context only a single target is executed. Useful if you have a lot of test crates in the tests directory.


  • List only modules with Cargo.toml in run configurations.
  • Goto class now works for traits.
  • Add missing fields quick fix now works if only some portion of fields is missing.
  • isCrateRoot is now consistent with getCrateRootFor.
  • isCrateRoot is much faster, because it no longer does vfs operations.
  • Fix a crash when changing standard library location in the older IDE.
  • Several formatter fixes (by @mkaput)


  • Some resolve tests now use inline Rust code instead of file fixtures.
  • CTRS tests and submodule are removed, the source code of rustc and standard library is used instead.
  • Notifications are completely reworked. No more memory leaks and better UI.
  • Structs and enum variants now have a common interface FieldsOwner.