New Features

  • New icons (by @mkaput and @alygin).

  • Disable naming convention inspections by allow attributes (by @alygin).

  • Introduce variable refactoring (by @LiamClark).

  • Colored Cargo output on Linux and Mac.

  • New intentions by @Litarvan:
    • add/remove mut from the reference,
    • add an impl block.
  • Parameter hints (Ctrl+P) by @alygin.

  • match postifx template (by @ujpv).

  • Separate configurable color for ? operator (by @alygin).


  • Make sure that all indexes are invalidated if the grammar is changed.

  • Fix parsing of {1} & 2; (these are two different statements).

  • Explain links work for warnings as well (by @alygin).


  • Overhaul build.gradle.

  • Toml plugin again lives in intellij-rust repository.

  • Gradle console output for tests is a bit less verbose.