New Features

  • Highlight duplicate lifetime declaration (by @alygin).

  • Type inference for ? operator.

  • Support for pub(crate) syntax.

  • Support for attributes on type parameters.

  • Simplify Boolean Expression intention (by @slavam2605).

  • Run Configuration From Context uses --package argument for multi-package workspaces.


  • Quick fixes now correctly handle read-only files.

  • Correctly color self in use declarations.

Internal Improvements

  • Major PSI rearrangements:
    • Rs prefix is used instead of Rust/Element,
    • argument-related PSI nodes renames,
    • more rules unified (by @alygin).
  • Kotlin runtime and stdlib jars are no longer bundled.

  • Type-related code simplified, stub data is almost always sufficient to compute the type.

  • CI now runs both the latest nightly Rust toolchain as well as 1.13.0.