New Features

  • An action to execute a Cargo command (gif). You might want to bind it to a key combination.

  • Better expand selection (Ctrl+W) support for lists (by @alygin).

  • Goto definition and find usages for lifetimes (by @alygin).

  • Better parser recovery in code blocks.

  • Wrong usages of self value in associated functions are annotated (by @sirgl)


  • Fix colored terminal output (by @jonas-schievink, @alygin and @Stebalien, terminals are hard).

  • Module-level live templates are not suggested in expressions.

  • Watching Cargo.toml works again and has tests now.

  • Formatter does not add spaces around = in Iterator<Item=Foo>

Internal Improvements

  • Run configurations refactoring (by @mkaput)