New Features

  • Postfix template not: assert!(xs.is_empty().not) -> assert!(!xs.is_empty()).

  • Annotate calls to unsafe functions outside of unsafe block (by @farodin91).

  • Improved run configuration UI (by @alygin).

  • Quick fix to add a missing turbofish operator (by @la10736).

  • Support for type ascription syntax (RFC 803).

  • Preliminary support for go to definition for macros.

  • Support colored output for cargo check (by @alygin).

  • Support option to use short backtraces (by @alygin).


  • Various type inference fixes (by @kumbayo).

  • Fix cast expression parsing priority (by @alygin).

  • Fix Unicode handling when annotating invalid character literal (by @framlog).

  • Fix “using stdlib at …” notification to appear only if version of rust is changed.

  • Don’t execute several instances of rustup concurrently.

Internal Improvements

  • Upgrade to Kotlin 1.1 (by @framlog).

  • Improve test infrastructure for directory based tests.