New Features

  • Automatically insert pairing > (by @Undin).

  • Variable does not need to be mutable inspection (by @farodin91).

  • Convert to named fields refactoring (video). Note that it does not fix the usages yet.

  • In CLion, it is possible to chose between GDB and LLDB for debugging Rust code via usual C++ toolchain settings.

  • Complete and resolve trait associated types (by @Undin).


  • Path dependencies are treated as sources and not as libraries (by @alygin).

  • More precise trait matching (by @vlad20012).

  • Type inference for generic functions (by @vlad20012).

  • One-liners are not folded if they exceed the line length limit.

  • Resolve private imports via use declarations.

Internal Improvements

  • Switch to GrammarKit gradle plugin.

  • Optimized type inference performance (by @vlad20012 and @matklad).

  • Separate slow running tests from the main test suite.

  • Use getContext instead of getParent in resolve to allow for nifty tricks with injecting elements in arbitrary places.