New Features

  • Simple Convert to named fields refactoring (gif). It was implemented a while back, but was not advertised enough.

  • Goto definition works for traits inside derive attribute and for methods of the derived traits (by @Undin).

  • More type inference improvements (by @Undin).

  • Error annotation and quick fix for dereferencing a raw pointer without an unsafe block (by @kumbayo).

  • Code formatter removes {} around single items in use declarations.

  • Initial support for type inference in lambda expressions (by @farodin91 & @matklad).

  • Annotate wrong number of type parameters (by @farodin91).


  • Fix false positives for E0198, E0060 (by @kumbayo).

  • Pattern bindings don’t shadow modules with the same name (by @kumbayo).

  • Don’t crash in Implement Members if there is nothing to implement.

  • Fix project leaks in Cargo check annotator.

  • Allow use * and use ::* in the grammar.

  • Fix false positives in reassign immutable inspection (by @alygin & @matklad)

Internal Improvements

  • Update versions of CLion and Gradle.

  • Establish contributor license agreement (#1385).

  • Unify trait and impl handing during type inference.