Plugin is now officially supported by JetBrains 🎉.

Support for IDEA 2016.3 was dropped, the minimal required version is 2017.1.

By default, cargo check is not used for on the fly checking due to performance considerations for larger projects. It is used for Build Project action though (Ctrl+F9).

New Features

  • More information is present in quick documentation (by @Undin).

  • Goto definition for local macros (by @farodin91).

  • Code completion for macros (by @farodin91).

  • Improvements for type inference of associated types, lambdas and iterators.

  • Hints for local variables types and parameter names (by @farodin91). In the first iteration, they can be a little noisy, but it is possible to disable them in settings.

  • Move left/right action for different lists in the Rust language (by @Undin), video.

  • Exit points of functions (returns, ?, result expressions) are highlighted (by @farodin91).

  • Better type inference for loop expressions (by @Undin).

  • Better completion in #[Derive] attribute (by @Undin).

  • Checkbox to control if code formatter should change punctuation.


  • Parameter info appears automatically after completing function.

  • Goto super module (Ctrl+U) works from a method in an inherent impl.

  • eprint! and eprintln! macros are treated as formatting macros.

  • Run configuration from context for a single function uses a more precise matching (by @la10736).

  • Reformat code does not break use foo::{self} (by @la10736).

  • Renaming module correctly renames the file.

Internal Improvements

  • More compact stub representation (by @Undin).

  • Add RsInferenceContext to infer types for function at a time.

  • Completion tests use before/after style, to check caret position as well.

Special thanks to @mkaput and @alygin for helping contributors to land pull requests!