New Features

  • pd and ppd snippets use eprintln!.

  • Navigate To Implementation shortcut and gutter icon for structs and enums.

  • Quick definition (Ctrl+Shift+I) works (by @Undin).

  • Find usages filters by usage type (by @farodin91).

  • Toggle Ignore intention for tests (by @farodin91).

  • Use hyperlinks in quick documentation (by @Undin).


  • Autoderef works for field access (by @himikof).

  • Fix infinite loop in type inference.

  • Hints for overly long types use _.

  • Cargo project is updated when Cargo.lock changes.

  • Autoscroll from source works for structure (Alt+7).

Internal Improvements

  • Most of the internal APIs work with CargoWorkspace instead of Module.

  • Cargo libraries are created on the fly.

  • Type inference refactoring.