New Features

  • Cargo toolbar to conveniently access Cargo related functionality. As a reminder, all Cargo actions are available via Find Action, and you can bind them to shortcuts as well.

  • Inspection which shows when field initialization shorthand may be used.

  • Support for associated constants.

  • Better type inference for arrays and primitive types (by @kumbayo).

  • Cargo launched by IDE honors proxy settings (by @anton-okolelov).


  • Allow empty where clauses in the grammar.

  • Fix return types of ! returning macros (by @kumbayo).

  • Fix error in try! to ? inspection.

  • Fix icons rendering in structure view (by @farodin91).

Internal Improvements

  • Performance improvements.

  • Cleanup inlay hits and mutability inspection (by @farodin91).

  • Refactor handing of associated items.