New Features

  • Initial support of input parameters extraction using function extraction refactoring. Note that work at this feature in progress so some things may work incorrectly (by @farodin91)

  • Quick fix to convert types using ToOwned trait (by @oleg-semenov)

  • Initial re-exports support for auto import intention

  • Support 2018.1 EAPs


  • Fix PluginException in MPS because of redundant separate action for function extraction refactoring

  • Correctly extract associated function in trait item (by @t-kameyama)

  • Insert comma after match expression arm using Remove braces from single expression intention (by @Nilera)

  • Resolve references and infer their types in match guard clause and struct update syntax (by @kumbayo)

  • Infer type of closures with return statement properly

Internal Improvements

  • Improve function extraction refactoring tests

  • Stubs for inner and outer attributes (by @kumbayo)

  • Use same nightly rust version for rustfmt build and tests