This is the last release to support IDEA 2017.2. If you want to continue to receive plugin updates, please upgrade your IDE to 2017.3.

New Features

  • Support auto keyword in trait declaration

  • Enable type check for references. Note, type check inspection is disabled by default because it can generate false positive warnings

  • Take into account path attribute of parent modules while resolving

  • Initial version of import optimizer (by @farodin91)

  • Inspection to check different members order in impl and corresponding trait (by @t-kameyama)

  • Infer array size by evaluation of const expression

  • Detect .cargo/config as toml file


  • Allow debugging example binaries

  • Use explicit types from function and struct declarations to improve type inference

  • Fix indexing of impl<T> Trait for &T for more precise method resolution for reference types

  • Improve navigation around const and type in traits (by @kumbayo)

  • Fix quick documentation and breadcrumbs for const and type alias items (by @kumbayo)

  • Resolve types in pattern matching properly

  • Allow scrolling content of cargo tool window

  • Don’t show unnecessary type hints in lambda arguments (by @farodin91)

Internal Improvements

  • Fix warnings in some quick fixes implementation

  • Use rustfmt-nightly on appveyor

  • Check that all expressions typified in type inference tests

  • Slightly optimize type inference

  • Use single objects for integer and float types