New Features

  • Auto import takes into account module re-exports

  • New SVG icons (by @Nilera)

  • Great optimization improvement of type inference

  • Initial support of dyn Trait type

  • Quick fix to convert types using ToString trait (by @oleg-semenov)

  • Quick fix to convert String to &str (by @oleg-semenov)

  • Add semicolon after break and continue while formatting (by @t-kameyama)

  • Implement resolve and type inference in associated type bindings


  • Infer types of variables with postponed initialization

  • Correctly format use items with trailing comma (by @AtomicInteger)

  • Don’t infer type of items with ambiguous declaration

  • Various fixes of auto import

  • Don’t allow using Specify type explicitly intention if variable type isn’t fully infered

  • Don’t drop unsafe keyword while Join Lines action (by @pcholakov)

Internal Improvements

  • Clean up Extract Method refactoring (by @t-kameyama)

  • Add explicit dependency on kotlin stdlib to download its source for IDE