New Features

  • Implement Build action for small IDEs (except of AppCode)

  • Improve support of mutable variables during Extract Method refactoring (by @farodin91)

  • A lot of improvements of auto import

  • Move type constraints to parameter list intention (by @t-kameyama)

  • Make Unresolved reference inspection enabled by default and convert auto import into quick fix of this inspection

  • Filter method completion variants by trait bounds of impls

  • Support new debugger API in CLion 2018.1


  • Improve type inference related to struct fields

  • Calculate length of byte string literals with escaped characters in correct way (by @kumbayo)

  • Fix endless indexing

  • Improve IDE support of trait types: trait objects and impl/dyn Trait

  • Slightly improve performance of macros resolve

  • Fix displaying of generic types in tooltips

Internal Improvements

  • Rename TyStructOrEnumBase to TyAdt and slightly optimize it

  • Temporal using dependency of intellij-toml plugin from the repository instead of local one (by @kumbayo)