New Features

  • Quick fix to convert types using Borrow/BorrowMut and AsRef/AsMut traits (by @oleg-semenov)

  • Highlight mutable self as a mutable variable (by @farodin91)

  • Substitute generic types in Implement Members quick fix

  • Flip operator intention (by @t-kameyama)

  • Support new inclusive range syntax a..=b (by @kumbayo)

  • Take into account generic type arguments while associated types processing

  • Improve method resolving for primitive types


  • Fix break and continue formatting in match expression (by @anton-okolelov)

  • Fix various issues with Self type

  • Save all documents before refresh/attach cargo project action to take into account the latest changes in Cargo.toml

  • Infer type of index operator result correctly

  • Fix parsing of Fn trait types

Internal Improvements

  • Use local dependency of intellij-toml plugin again

  • Check channel of rustc while resolve tests