New Features

  • Add quick fix to convert types by using TryFrom trait (by @oleg-semenov)

  • Enable type check inspection by default

  • Completion for dev and build dependencies in Cargo.toml

  • Improve quick fixes on type mismatch

  • Support new syntax of match arms introduced in rust 1.25 (see rfc)

  • Don’t highlight generic parameters by Unresolved Reference inspection

  • Filter import candidates by their namespace

  • Improve presentation of generic impls in structure view (by @Filippok)


  • Fix highlighting of a path with primitive type name by Unresolved Reference inspection

  • Make mutable quick fix correctly supports ref modifier (by @rrevenantt)

  • Prevent infinite loop issue with cyclic type aliases

  • Fix wrong top padding in rust file type icons (by @Nilera)

  • Correctly parse Z suffix of date values in TOML files

Internal Improvements

  • Fix possible exception during TyInteger and TyFloat classes initialization

  • Update IDEA and CLion

  • Check rust version in stdlib resolve tests