New Features

  • Initial support of macro expansion 🎉 Note: current implementation doesn’t take into account impl blocks generated by macros, so all intellisense actions cannot be performed for items from such impls. Moreover, there may be some performance issues related to macro expansion. You can switch off this feature via Rust Settings (Languages & Frameworks > Rust > Expand macros)

  • Pass variables into an extracted function by reference if possible (by @t-kameyama)

  • Add quick fix to convert types by using FromStr trait (by @oleg-semenov)

  • Use --all-targets for build/check actions if possible (by @orium)

  • Add ability to pass -Zoffline to cargo during building/checking (by @chabapok)


  • A lot of type inference fixes

  • Fix wrong top padding in cargo icons (by @Nilera)

  • Don’t show false positive Re-assignment of immutable variable errors for reference type variables (by @sgift)

  • Take into account extern crate alias while auto import

Internal Improvements

  • More completion-friendly TOML grammar