New Features

  • Provide links to external documentation in quick doc for stdlib items


  • Show Convert to assert_eq/assert_ne quick fixes only for PartialEq types

  • Fix incorrect target path in test run configuration when #[path] attribute is used in module hierarchy

  • Pass emit flag instead of write-mode to rustfmt from the latest nightly builds (by @king6cong)

  • Save file before run rustfmt to format actual file content

  • Suggest quick fixes to convert types using BororwMut and AsMut traits only for mutable expressions (by @oleg-semenov)

  • Fix endless loop while matching of $()* pattern during macro expansion

  • Select correct impl for reference types while method resolution

Internal Improvements

  • Type inference takes into account primitive type impls of default traits, like Clone, Copy, Ord, Eq, etc.

  • Update gradle and other dependencies