New Features

  • Improve performance of item resolution and completion. Now changing body of a function doesn’t invalidate global resolution cache.

  • Allow function parameter list folding (by @t-kameyama)

  • Add annotation about reserved lifetime names (see E0262)

  • Expand macros in traits and impls

  • Infer closure parameter types from trait object

  • Add option not to use --all-target flag while cargo build/check

  • Support match ergonomics (see RFC)

  • Inject platform regex language into string literals in Regex::new and RegexSet::new from regex crate


  • Fix compatibility with the latest versions of IDEA and CLion

  • Fix potential type inference cache corruption in reason of mutable data

  • Type inference of field expressions takes into account Deref impls

  • Invalidate macro expansion cache properly

Internal Improvements

  • Improve performance tests