New Features

  • Now Implement members quick fix can substitute lifetimes

  • Improve Re-assignment of immutable variable inspection

  • Error annotation and quick fix for crate_visibility_modifier feature

  • Goto declaration action navigates to the corresponding macro call for for generated items

  • Open help page from rust settings panel in CLion


  • Fix wrong Self substitution inside traits that leads to infinity loop in type inference

  • Fix resolution of items exported in crate root

  • Invalidate caches on file removing

  • Invalidate resolve caches on path changes inside function body

  • Fix exception while macro resolution

  • Better error recovering in toml parser

  • Fix type check false-positive error in match for string literals

  • Fix crash while type check error detection in expanded macro

  • Disable stdlib path selection if it can be found automatically

Internal Improvements

  • Start work to support lifetimes

  • Change infrastructure for convenient creation error annotations (and quick fixes for them) about wrong using of compiler features

  • MockRustcVersion annotation to specify rustc version for single test case

  • Now we store all source code in one branch instead of separate branches for each supported platform version