New Features

  • Add Needless lifetimes inspection to check unnecessary lifetimes which can be removed. See the corresponding clippy inspection

  • Support method separators. You can enable this feature via Preferences | Editor | General | Appearance | Show method separators (by @t-kameyama)

  • Add Assign to immutable inspection which annotates wrong assignments to element or field of the corresponding immutable array or struct

  • Support Inject Language intention for rust string literals

  • Implement new Show expanded macro and Show recursively expanded macro actions. Now you can see how the plugin expands macros

  • Validate package name while new project creation

  • Implement Goto definition action for dependencies in Cargo.toml. Now it navigates you to of the corresponding crate

  • Support crate keyword at the beginning of paths

  • Allow attaching cargo project by directory with Cargo.toml


  • Better completion for partial unknown types

  • Fix false positive Cannot borrow immutable local variable annotation for index expressions

  • Avoid UI freezes while typing string literals

  • Don’t reset run configuration working directory on each reopening Edit configuration window

  • Correctly process empty groups while macro expansion

  • Consider self and Self as identifiers in macro expansion

  • Support parenthesized around bounds like fn foo<T: (Bar)>(t: T)

Internal Improvements

  • Update IDEA & CLion. Now 2018.2 platform is default for development

  • Initial work on macro expansion in type and pattern context. Note, name resolution and type inference are not supposed to work with such macros yet