New Features

  • Split rust settings into separate panels. Add tooltips for some options

  • Don’t highlight words that have been reserved before as keywords

  • Extend Unresolved Reference inspection to highlight trait method calls if the corresponding trait is not in the scope. Also, provide quick fix to import this trait


  • Add correct prelude module if one of attributes (#![no_std] or #![no_core]) are set

  • Fix Needless Lifetimes inspection

  • Improve Reformat File with Rustfmt action:
    • Use rustfmt directly instead of cargo fmt to reformat single file
    • Don’t pass --skip-children flag by default
    • Add option to use --skip-children flag with nightly toolchain
  • Fix Add missing fields quick fix for type aliases

  • Infer type of vec![] correctly

  • Fix type inference inside loop statement over a mutable collection

Internal Improvements

  • Prepare for 2018.3 EAPs

  • Implement control flow graph and scopes for future analysis

  • Use unknown type as a default value instead of original generic type while type substitution in pattern matching

  • Add ProjectDescriptor annotation to specify project descriptor for single test case

  • Update IDEA & CLion