New Features

  • Now Goto Declaration action navigates to derive meta item if the corresponding trait is implemented via #[derive] attribute

  • Implement name resolution and completion of paths in include macros and #[path] attribute

  • Support Context Info action

  • Show nested items of function in structure view

  • Support type hints for generic type parameters (by @dem1tris)

  • Initial implementation of iter postfix template (by @Voronchikhin)

  • Implement preliminary inspection of anchored paths for Rust 2018. Note, it’s disabled by default because final design of use item paths is not fixed yet

  • Create error annotation for E0404 error

  • Support type inference in box pattern


  • Now Different impl member order from the trait annotation doesn’t highlight comments and attributes

  • Correctly resolve extern crate items with dependency on the same crate with a different version

  • Fix false positive error highlighting of Unresolved Reference inspection for trait objects and generic type parameters

Internal Improvements

  • Implement expression categorization as part of borrow checker implementation

  • Various refactorings in tests