New Features

  • Allow modifying loop variable name generated by iter postfix template (by @Voronchikhin)

  • Support multiple definitions in lazy_static macro call (by @msmorgan)

  • Resolve references to extern crate root in paths without extern crate item for 2018 edition

  • Group syntax highlighting options (by @mfarrugi)

  • Improve dependency completion in Cargo.toml


  • Add examples for all postfix templates

  • Use offline mode for cargo sync if the corresponding option is enabled

  • Improve content roots detection. Now src, examples, tests and benches folders of each package are automatically marked as source roots, and target folders are excluded from source roots

  • Fix name resolution of stdlib macros for nightly stdlib

  • Make Move Statement Up/Down actions work correctly

  • Process global imports in use group while name resolution in proper way

  • Partially resolve links which based on re-exported paths in stdlib documentation

  • Don’t suggest private items in completion

Internal Improvements

  • Compile plugin with 2018.3 EAP sources