This is the last release which supports IDEA 2018.1. If you want to continue to receive plugin updates, please upgrade your IDE to 2018.2.

New Features

  • Filter path completion variants by trait bounds

  • Implement Split if intention. Now you can easily split your complex if condition into two simplified ones (by @Dimonchik0036)

  • Parse yield expression correctly. Note, type inference for such expression is not implemented yet

  • Sort completion variants by their types

  • Add initial version of Generate Constructor action (by @Voronchikhin)


  • Fix Borrow checker inspection for tuple fields

  • Don’t suggest items by auto import quick fix from transitive dependencies

  • Filter some irrelevant items from completion variants

  • Ignore items from non-lib targets of dependencies while name resolution and completion

  • Correctly add use item by auto import quick fix in modules with outer attributes like #[cfg(test)]

  • Improve type inference of struct literals with field shorthand (by @msmorgan)

  • Fix name resolution and completion for items from extern crates in edition 2018

  • Fix some false positive mismatched types errors

  • Improve suggestion of element name in for live template

  • Improve completion of parenthesis in attributes (by @nicholastmosher)

  • Expand crate meta variable in macros correctly

Internal Improvements

  • Update IDEA & CLion