New Features

  • Initial implementation of test tool window (by @farodin91 & @mchernyavsky)

  • Implement the first version of full move analysis

  • Check missing lifetime parameter for associated constants (by @ttaomae)

  • Adjust auto import quick fix for edition 2018. Now it doesn’t insert extern crate items and adds crate keyword for use items if it’s necessary for targets with edition 2018

  • More user-friendly UI for binary/library project templates

  • Some improvements of Add missing fields quick fix

  • Add --all-features option in cargo run configuration

  • Various improvements in macro expansion


  • Fix cargo check annotator for nightly rust

  • Improve type hints to prevent showing too long ones in the editor

  • Don’t show type hints for ignored bindings

  • Fix false positive error annotation of Needless lifetimes inspection

  • Don’t take into account impls which are not attached to any crate while name resolution and completion

  • Show cargo tool window content while indexing. Moreover, there is allowed invoking cargo-related actions (like Attach Cargo project or Run Cargo command) at this time

  • Invalidate caches on Comment with Line Comment action. Now it should correctly update all code annotations after the action

  • Don’t suggest existing names by Extract variable refactoring

  • Better formatting for Show * macro expansion actions

  • Correctly resolve struct enum variants

  • Fix false positive Unresolved reference annotation for methods from aliased traits

Internal Improvements

  • Drop 2018.1 support

  • Implement regions for trait objects

  • Clean up error annotation handling (by @ttaomae)

  • Update IDEA & CLion