New Features

  • Support paths which start with crate name and crate keyword for edition 2015. See Module system improvements section in rust 1.30 release notes for more details

  • More convenient work with lldb. Now you can view separate children of Vec and correct utf-8 values of &str and String in the debugger tool window. Currently, it’s implemented via own lldb formatters. You can disable them or switch to default ones in Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger | Data Views | Rust

  • Implement Nest use statements intention (by @majecty)

  • Extend Simplify boolean expression intention for == and != operators (by @DaryaShirokova)

  • Group imports by semantics while import optimization (by @isamborskiy)

  • Add gutter icon to run benchmarks

  • Add annotation for using extern functions and constants outside of unsafe block as error (by @garyttierney)

  • Support vis macro matcher. See the corresponding issue for more details


  • Open project properly via project Cargo.toml

  • Prevent moving of use items outside of inline module block while import optimization

  • Correctly create new test configuration if another one is already created

  • More precise resolution of paths in use items with the same names

  • Fix false positive error annotation in visibility restriction

  • Take into account lexical order while name resolution of macros

  • Do not mark '_ lifetime as undeclared

  • Expand log macros correctly

  • Restore Show stdout/stderr in tests option in cargo run configuration. Note, this option disables the test tool window because of the bug in libtest

  • Improve symlinks support. Now name resolution should work correctly if stdlib source path contains symlinks

Internal Improvements

  • Exclude jars related to java support from plugin classpath while building. It should prevent accidental using of java API which leads to NoClassDefFoundError in small IDEs like CLion

  • Update Kotlin to 1.3.0