New Features

  • Initial support of raw identifiers. See the corresponding RFC

  • Improve completion performance

  • Implement Replace .unwrap() with match intention gif (by @sohich)

  • Support custom folding regions gif (by @garyttierney)

  • Improve extend selection for function, struct and trait bodies

  • Implement lldb formatters for Rc, Arc, Cell, RefCell and Ref structs.

  • Render enums and tuples better by bundled lldb formatters. Note, in some cases, enum values can be shown incorrectly because of wrong debug info provided by the compiler

  • Infer type of some built-in macros like env, stringify, include_str, etc. (by @kumbayo)

  • Show test tool window in debug


  • Properly show a result of the first test in test tool window on Windows

  • Run single test in debug properly

  • Fix running integration test in debug.

  • Take into account params of run configuration template during a creation of cargo run configuration

  • Make Use all features in test option of Cargo Command run configuration disabled by default. In case if you would like to make it enabled by default, you should change the corresponding option in
    Cargo Command template

  • Do not take into account extern functions and constants while type name resolution

  • Fix false positive Cannot move error annotations

  • Do not create new run configuration if a suitable one already exists

  • Show stdout for failed tests in test tool window

  • Identify type mismatch errors for tuples better

  • Do not show Remove parentheses from expression warning for struct literals in for loop iterator (by @t-kameyama)

  • Show Build action on MacBook touch bar in CLion

Internal Improvements

  • Land first part of tests for platform test framework integration

  • Change project source layout for platform-dependent code to make it possible to write platform-dependent tests