New Features

  • Implement Run Anything action for Cargo. Note, the action is available since 2018.3

  • Support Copyright plugin. Note, the plugin is not available in CLion (see the corresponding issue)

  • Highlight code blocks in quick documentation

  • Add formatter setting for indenting where clauses (by @msmorgan)


  • Do not show Cannot move error annotation for a copyable type parameter

  • Fix grouping of usages in the Find tool window (by @kumbayo)

  • Fix parsing of macros and float literals

  • Handle method defined by macros better

  • Improve lldb formatters: correctly print empty &str, values of Ref and RefMut structs, as well as weak property of Rc and Arc

  • Fix lifetime completion (by @Dimonchik0036)

  • Properly handle explicit --no-run parameter in cargo run configuration

Internal Improvements

  • Update IDEA & CLion. Now 2018.3 platform is default for development

  • Correctly invalidate caches for Rust language injections