This is the latest release in this year.

We are very happy that the number of our users is constantly growing. Also great thanks for our contributors - now more than one hundred people participated in the improvement of intellij-rust. Thank you! Hope that next year will be even better than this one!

Happy New Year! πŸŽ„ πŸŽ… πŸ”” ✨ 🌟 πŸŽ†

New Features

  • Implement name resolution for module declaration without

  • Support import of macros with use items and new macro call syntax. See tracking issue for more details

  • Correctly parse async and try keywords

  • Provide support of multiline todo comments for Rust and Toml

  • Highlight usages of unsafe code. It should allow you to correctly understand what piece of code in unsafe function or block is really unsafe (by @garyttierney)

  • Support positional fields in struct literals

  • Allow expanding Command input field in Cargo Command run configuration

  • Improve Add missing fields quick fix: support more types which can be automatically substituted, and use more convenient for changes default values for Vec and String types (by @vlad20012 & @webdesus)

  • Rework name resolution for field shorthand in struct literals. Now it refers to both: variable and struct’s field


  • Fix false positive error annotations for struct literals and arrays produced by move analysis

  • Do not disable Refresh Cargo project button for a correct project

  • Improve Remove curly braces intention. Now it correctly processes use items with aliases

  • Format if expressions correctly

  • Correctly perform name resolution for complex use items like use {{foo::{{bar}}}}

  • Fix brace completion before ]

Internal Improvements

  • Initial support of 2019.1 platform

  • Update IDEA, CLion, Kotlin & Gradle