This is the last release which supports IDEA 2018.2. If you want to continue to receive plugin updates, please upgrade your IDE to 2018.3.

New Features

  • Introduce Put parameters on one line intention

  • Support extern crate renaming via Cargo.toml

  • Provide completion for edition property in Cargo.toml (by @SomeoneToIgnore)

  • Implement Denote infinite loops with 'loop { ... }' inspection and the corresponding quick fix (by @dimonchik0036)

  • Support lifetime and literal macro matchers (by @Jezza)


  • Invalidate caches while completion in the proper way to keep them consistent with written code

  • Correctly highlight modules, extern crates, and their references

  • Improve Add mut quick fix. Now it retains the reference’s declared lifetime and can be applied for more cases (by @Jezza & @gfreezy)

  • Improve match to if let and if let to match intentions (by @dimonchik0036)

  • Run clippy with active project toolchain (by @SomeoneToIgnore)

  • Properly display string values with Unicode symbols on Linux with lldb

  • Fix false positive error annotations for async and try keywords

  • Do not provide super completion after named path segment

  • Do not remove quotes of string values in include macros and path attributes while renaming the corresponding path

  • Fix Join Lines action for async and try blocks

  • Now Implement members quick fix correctly process Self parameter

  • Do not highlight valid private re-exports which start with crate:: as unresolved

  • Show single warning annotation for nested redundant parentheses (by @dimonchik0036)

  • Highlight only invalid segment of path by Invalid path: … annotation instead of the whole path

Internal Improvements

  • Reorganize plugin module structure. Split code into separate modules that have different dependencies

  • Provide API to test only particular annotator

  • Update IDEA & CLion