New Features

  • Initial CPU profiler support in CLion since 2019.1. At this moment it’s available only on Linux and macOS. The implementation is based on the Perf on Linux and DTrace on macOS. You can read more about profiler setup here. Note, on macOS we need rustfilt tool to show human readable function names and perform Jump to Source correctly

  • Implement deprecation inspection. It highlights items marked with deprecated and rustc_deprecated attributes. To suppress these warnings you can add allow(deprecated) attribute. See the corresponding RFC for more details (by @isamborskiy)

  • Support struct patterns with integer fields like let S { 0: x } = expr (by @rrevenantt)

  • Add for postfix completion. Its behavior is exactly the same as iter template

  • Correctly perform name resolution for foo!() macro call when foo is proc macro. Goto definition will navigate you to the corresponding function


  • Make rustfmt correctly works with UTF-8 symbols when Run rustfmt on Save option is enabled

  • Fix type inference of generic function args, struct destructuring patterns and vec! macro expression

  • Fix name resolution for type-qualified paths like <T as Foo>::bar