New Features

  • Completion improvements:
    • Substitute types for generic items in completion suggestions img
    • Provide keyword completion inside trait and impl blocks (by @t-kameyama)
    • Make text of all keyword completion element bold to be consistent with all similar completion variants
    • Correctly move caret inside parentheses after method completion in UFCS form (by @t-kameyama)
  • Take into account arbitrary macros while type inference. Previously the plugin considered only top-level generated items and some commonly used macros from stdlib. Also, if you have experimental macro expansion enabled (you can enable it via Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Rust | Expand declarative macros option), it provides correct navigation to local variables from macro calls
  • Add intention to replace .. pattern with actual fields (by @shevtsiv)
  • Provide different color settings for declaration and call of functions and methods
  • Show containing function for items in Find Usages dialog when File Structure option is enabled (by @fan-tom)
  • Load Rust debugger formatters and rustc sources for any CLion debugger process. It should provide tree-view visualization of variable values and step into action for rust code for any run configuration (not only for Cargo Command ones)
    Note, it works only since CLion 2019.2


  • Fix parsing of nested async functions
  • Do not show false positive E0562 error annotation for nested functions

Internal Improvements

  • Use new API for go to class/symbol extensions