This is the last release that supports the 2019.1 platform. To receive plugin updates further, please upgrade your IDE to 2019.2.

New Features

  • Support 2019.3 EAPs
  • Implement Navigation | Implementation(s) action (Ctrl+Alt+B/Cmd+Alt+B) for trait members (by @rrevenantt)
  • Support --offline Cargo option stabilized in 1.36. Now, the plugin passes this flag to each Cargo command if Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Rust | Cargo | Offline mode option is enabled. Previously, the plugin always passed -Zoffline instead that have been working only with nightly builds
  • Various parsing optimizations. It should reduce indexing and macro expanding processes duration
  • Support async and try blocks in lambdas
  • Provide a link to external documentation for non stdlib items
  • Enhance Cargo tool window. Now it contains Expand All and Collapse All actions. In addition, action toolbar has the same layout style as other similar tool windows


  • Better type inference of await expressions
  • Prevent an infinite recursion during macro expansion
  • Fix NullPointerException while parsing of rustc commit date. Previously, it prevented correct project metadata updates with custom builds of rustc
  • Do not add unexpected ; when Complete current statement (add shortcut here) action is invoked (by @t-kameyama)

Internal Improvements

  • Update docs about releases
  • Support lazy parsing for macros. In general, it reduces parsing time while indexing but this improvement is not visible to users (in comparison with the previous version). So it’s more a proof of concept to make further similar improvements easier