This is the last release that supports the 2019.2 platform. To receive plugin updates further, please upgrade your IDE to 2019.3.

New Features

  • Support coming 2020.1 EAPs

  • Improve Rust debugger support with LLDB bundled into CLion 2020.1:

    • Render enums properly
    • Render primitive types properly (e.g. i32 instead of C-style int)
    • Unmangle names inside call stack

    Rust debugger support with LLDB


  • Handle pub uses properly in Nest use statements intention (by @t-kameyama)
  • Fix type inference for Fn type parameters with multiple bounds. It fixes the lack of code completion inside a closure call when multiple trait bounds (like Send + FnOnce) are used (by @rrevenantt)
  • Take into account the builtin implementation of Clone and Copy traits for array types during type inference. It fixes type inference of array usages like [0; 4].clone() as well as some false-positive error highlightings related to arrays
  • Do not suggest Lift return out intention on else if branch which previously led to invalid code (by @t-kameyama)
  • Improve Edit | Extend Selection action for Rust and Toml string literals. Now it’s possible to select separate escape symbols and whole string literal without quotes.
  • Correctly handle single and triple quotes and support escapes symbols in TOML
  • Fix false-positive E0277 in case of non-default trait method with non-sized arguments
  • Do not indent braces on their own line (by @srjek)
  • Provide help page about Cargo Command run configuration in IDEA and CLion

Internal Improvements

  • Remove CLion dependencies from debugger module. Previously, debugger module used some CLion-related code. Now all such code has been moved into clion module, and debugger module only contains native debugger related code.
  • Rename code fragments consistently. Plugin build used to fail sometimes due to two different classes named RsReplCodeFragment. So now the generated one will be *

Full set of changes can be found here