New Features

  • Simplify attaching a new cargo project to the plugin project model. Now it’s possible to invoke Attach Cargo Project action for your cargo project from the context menu in the project view. Also, there is Attach action for Cargo.toml files in an editor if the corresponding crate is not in the plugin project model.
  • Suggest the proper type of braces while a macro call completion. For example, now the plugin suggests {} for thread_local macro instead of parenthesis
  • Support Show import statements option in Find usages dialog. The option allows including/excluding use items from the results of Find usages action. Note, this feature is missing in CLion

Performance Improvements

  • Don’t reparse the whole file while typing inside macro calls. This should speed up completion in macro calls in large files
  • Slightly improve indexing and type inference performance


  • Fix compatibility issues with latest 2020.1 EAPs
  • Fix LLDB pretty-printers for Rc/Arc structs on 2020.1
  • Drop Remove parentheses from expression intention and make the corresponding quick fix available only for valid cases (by @t-kameyama)
  • Now the Cargo Tool Window is not shown for non-Rust projects

Internal Improvements

  • Now TOML plugin is dynamic. In the future, it will allow you to install, uninstall and update the plugin without restarting the IDE
  • Drop support of 2019.2 platform

Full set of changes can be found here