New Features

  • Support 2020.2 EAPs
  • Add completion of existing file paths inside path-like string literals in function arguments (by @Kobzol)

  • Provide quick-fix to attach a file to module tree for File is not included in module tree inspection (by @Kobzol)

  • Show E0601 error if the main function doesn’t exist in binary crates and provide quick-fix to add the function (by @Stzx)

  • Handle doc comments when uncommenting (Ctrl+/). Commenter can be configured using code style settings located in Preferences | Editor | Code Style | Rust (by @Kobzol)

  • Place the caret near a type when navigating to an impl item
  • Add --ignored to command line when launching tests marked with #[ignore]. Now Cargo actually run them (by @Kobzol)

Performance Improvements

  • Significantly speed up macro expansion phase for new macro expansion engine
  • Fix UI freezes caused by chain method hints


  • Add unsafe to function quick-fix now works inside loops and conditions (by @Kobzol)
  • Fix parsing crate at the beginning of macro call as visibility modifier
  • Fix false-positive Argument never used annotation when using raw format strings in macro calls (by @Kobzol)
  • Fix run icon displaying when main function is declared in a nested method (by @Stzx)
  • Fix exception in RsFileTypeOverriderForMacroExpansionFileSystem

Internal Improvements

  • Check indices are not accessed during document committing

Full set of changes can be found here