New Features

  • #5386 Support Rust documentation rendering in an editor. Just click to the corresponding icon on gutter to look at rendered version of a particular comment. Also, you can enable it by default via Render documentation comments option in Preferences / Settings | Editor | General | Appearance settings. Note, there are some restrictions in 2020.1 IDEs. See here for more details

  • #5536 Provide initial formatter for TOML. Currently, it affects only spacing and indentation. You can adjust settings via Preferences / Settings | Editor | Code Style | TOML panel (by @Kobzol)

  • #5647 Add quick fix for Mismatched types error annotation to change type of local variable (by @Kobzol)

  • #5717 Make Go to Type Declaration Ctrl+Shift+B action work properly with macro-generated items

  • #5688 Keep existing reference style while Move F6 refactoring, i.e. absolute paths stay absolute, one segment paths stay one segment, etc.

Performance Improvements

  • #5723 Slightly speed up indexing. Now, the plugin correctly handle new experimental raw syntax and doesn’t parse blocks with it while indexing that decreases duration of the corresponding phase


  • Test tool window improvements:
    • #5700 Show whole Cargo output in Test tool window
    • #4848 Navigate to proper line from doc test item in test tree
    • #5648 Use Left/Right labels instead of Expected/Actual (by @Kobzol)
  • Name resolution fixes:
    • #5762 Properly handle crate::macro_name! calls while name resolution. Previously, such calls couldn’t be resolved and as a result, the plugin couldn’t expand the corresponding macro call
    • #5690 Do not resolve project dependencies in build scripts and build dependencies inside common project code
  • #5757 Handle module re-exports with aliases while path collection for auto import. Previously, the plugin didn’t take into account module aliases that led to the absence of Import quick fix in some cases

  • #5658 Do not offer let and return keywords inside struct literals and struct patterns while completion (by @Kobzol)

  • #5539 Improve Add unsafe to block quick fix to find the closest enclosing block (by @Kobzol)

  • #5517 Improve documentation links for dependencies in Cargo.toml

  • #5710 Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException because of invalid rustc annotation

  • #5744 Fix exception while Valgrind launch in CLion (by @Kobzol)

  • #5708 Fix Synchronous execution on EDT exception while new Rust project creation

  • #5718 Fix possible PsiInvalidAccessException and wrong name resolution in some cases

Internal Improvements

  • #5690 Introduce Crate and Crate Graph abstractions. Previously, the plugin operated with raw Cargo targets. Now, most of the target usages replaced with Cargo-independent Crate API. It should isolate knowledge about build system from common language code like name resolution, completion, etc. Which in turn makes the existent code clearer and should simplify support for new build tools in the future

Full set of changes can be found here