New Features

  • #5745 Implement wasm-pack run configuration. So now you can run any wasm-pack command just from the IDE

  • #5645 Support the Complete Current Statement (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) action for function and structs (by @Stzx)

  • Project creation improvements:

    • #5845 Provide support for custom project templates in the New Project dialog

      custom user template screenshot

    • #5910 Create default run configuration for a new project

    • #5919 Improve package name validation during the new project creation

  • Lints & inspections improvements:

    • #5889 Move all rustc-related lints to the newly created separate Lints group. You can find the corresponding inspection settings in Preferences | Editor | Inspections | Rust panel.

    • #5891 Support the nonstandard_style attribute for naming inspections

    • #5890 Now the While true loop inspection takes into account the while_true lint level and has the suppression quick fix to add #[allow(while_true)] attribute

    • #5865 Check if the derive attribute is placed on a supported item (by @Stzx)

  • #5940 Suggest the run configuration name from its command

  • #5828 Allow folding of consecutive impl Iterator<Item=X>s in a method chain hints (by @Kobzol)

  • #5760 Code coverage integration improvements:
    • Allow using any nightly toolchain to run code with coverage
    • Show the error message if a user tries to launch code with coverage without nightly toolchain
  • #5885 Update Cargo-related icons

Performance Improvements

  • #5926, #5912 Slightly optimize name resolution in some cases


  • #5877 Don’t insert double parentheses for functions and methods after completion

  • #5870 Don’t provide the Change return type quick fix in a lambda with an implicit return type (by @Kobzol)

  • #5937 Now the Attach file to a module quick fix takes into account existing mod items, comments and attributes when inserting the new mod item (by @Kobzol)

  • #5873 Improve autocompletion of the cargo command in the Run Anything popup

  • #5641 Don’t annotate user-defined attribute macros that override built-in ones (by @Stzx)

Internal Improvements

  • #5932 Initial regression testing. It should help to catch false-positive errors in new changes automatically

  • #5946 Create a release branch on a schedule from CI

Full set of changes can be found here