This is the last release that supports the 2020.1 platform. To receive plugin updates further, please upgrade your IDE to 2020.2.

New Features

  • Provide intention to create a method from an unresolved method call (by @Kobzol)

  • Supersede Fill match arms intention with Add remaining patterns quick fix which supports empty match expressions now

  • Place methods with &mut self at the end of completion list for non-mutable variables (by @Kobzol)
  • Handle name conflicts after renaming local variables (by @Kobzol)
  • Add dbgr postfix completion (by @mgrachev)

  • Improvements of Move refactoring for top-level items (Refactor | Move or F6):

    • Make moved items public if needed

    • Support finding visibility conflicts in more cases
  • Introduce a quick fix to add .. to struct pattern that has missing fields (by @t-kameyama)

  • Rename “Cargo Command” run configuration to “Cargo”


  • Fix “File is not included in module tree” warnings for a project under a symlinked directory
  • Don’t resolve macros from std with no_std attribute (by @Kobzol)
  • Fix highlighting inside macro calls in some cases
  • Fix flattening nested use statements intention (by @t-kameyama)
  • Fix benches flag in cargo command completion

Internal Improvements

  • Use the same processor for move files and move items refactoring. It allows adding features to both refactorings simultaneously
  • Reduce duration of CI checks on Linux by caching evcxr executable (by @Kobzol)
  • Set pull request milestone automatically
  • Check that intentions have description and example (by @Kobzol)
  • Use Kotlin 1.4

Full set of changes can be found here