New Features

  • #6947 Support import aliases in Move refactoring (Refactor | Move or F6)

  • Const generics support improvements:
    • #7001 Support const generics in Wrong generic arguments number (E0107) inspection

    • #6959 Support Move Element Right/Left actions for const generic parameters

    • #6958 Properly render const generics in signature of a top-level item

    • #6948 Fix type rendering with const generic parameters

  • #6799 Complete dependencies by subwords in Cargo.toml when using experimental local crates index. This feature is disabled by default for now. To use it, enable org.rust.crates.local.index option in Experimental Feature dialog (Help | Find Action and type Experimental features to open the dialog)

  • #6893 Import unresolved types from a function signature after performing Extract Function refactoring (Refactor | Extract Method or Ctrl+Alt+M)

  • #6966 Automatically select the default project Rust toolchain from Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Rust when creating a new project

  • #6066 Use todo!() instead of unimplemented!() in function bodies generated by code generation features like Implement members and Create function actions (by @KarelPeeters)

  • #6934 Auto-indent line when typing Enter in macro bodies

  • #6907 Provide debugging with LLDB in Rider for Unreal Engine 2021.1. Note, only MSVC toolchain is supported

  • #6956 Increase minimal supported rustc version to 1.41.0

  • #6912 Enable by default Simplify boolean expression inspection


  • #6955 Do not show Redundant `::` warning for expressions inside length of array types

  • #6923 Reduce availability range of some intention actions. For example, now Add else branch to this if statement is not suggested in Alt+Enter menu when the caret is placed inside an if body

  • #6896 Do not insert default type parameters by Implement Member actions

  • #6886 Do not move the entire match arm in Move Statement Up/Down action (Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down) invoked on the statement inside the arm body (by @t-kameyama)

  • #6654 Ignore environment variables when comparing Cargo run configurations. This allows reusing a similar existing configuration instead of creating a new one

  • #6450 Fix code insight and name resolution for in-band lifetimes

  • #6989 Expand macro calls under cfg attribute after toggling a Cargo feature

  • #6769 Fix false-positive E0658 in stdlib

Full set of changes can be found here