New Features

  • #7113 Add Run with root privileges/Run with Administrator privileges option for Cargo run configurations, so now it’s possible to run them with root/Administrator privileges. Current restrictions:
    • Requires Build tool window, which is enabled by default (can be turned off via experimental feature)
    • Does not work with cargo test configurations

  • #6745 Provide quick-fix to add a parameter to a function/method from its call (by @Kobzol)

  • #7003 Add intention to extract dependency specification in a separate table in Cargo.toml

  • #7279 Auto-select Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) based toolchain when opening a project inside WSL filesystem. Note, WSL support is still disabled by default. To turn it on, enable org.rust.wsl experimental feature

  • #7217 Show all detected toolchains in Rust toolchain settings (including project creation dialog). Allows choosing necessary toolchain if you have several ones, for example, local and WSL-based

    Toolchain combobox

  • #7068 Complete table dependency specifications using crates local index. Note, currently this feature is experimental and can be enabled via org.rust.crates.local.index experimental feature

  • #7065 Render &str string slices content when debugging using MSVC toolchain on Windows. See tracking issue if you are interested in current status of MSVC LLDB support. Note, debugging is available in CLion and in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, GoLand and PyCharm Pro with Native Debugging Support plugin

  • #7229 Add local macro definitions to symbol search

  • #7303 Add inspection to detect unknown_crate_type compiler lint

    Unknown crate type inspection

  • #6455 Improve Extend selection and Shrink selection actions inside Rust doc comments


Internal Improvements

  • #7318 Drop support for 2020.3 IDEs

  • #6455 Introduce initial PSI for Markdown inside Rust doc comments

Full set of changes can be found here