New Features

  • #7596 Provide initial support for macro 2.0 (like std::ptr::addr_of)

  • #7591 Highlight function or lambda exit points when the caret at fn or -> token

  • #7617 Enable Code Coverage runner on non-nightly toolchains

  • #7568 Introduce Automatically show first error in editor after a build failure option. You can find it in File | Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Rust | Cargo settings

  • #7616 Add Sort by Visibility option to Structure View (by @afetisov)

  • #7539 crate_type attribute now has completion and quick-fix for typos

  • #7569 Provide the value 2021 for completion in the edition field of Cargo.toml for the corresponding 2021 edition (by @HTG-YT)


  • #7653 Fix item rendering by popup of Import quick-fix on 2021.2 IDEs

  • #7501 Fix WSL support on 2021.2 platform

  • #7627 Respect type aliases in Extract Function refactoring (Ctrl+Alt+M) (by @Kobzol)

  • #7605 Fix resolving re-exported derive macros by qualified path

  • #7601 Don’t try to move non-Rust items in move refactoring

  • #7593 Add unsafe quick-fix now also supports impl items (by @Kobzol)

  • #7625 Take into account start feature in Main function not found inspection

  • #7585 Fix importing macro with same name as macro in prelude

  • #7630 Set Cargo environment variables when debug/profile

  • #7650 Fix code generation and type hints related to tuples of size 1 (for example (i32,))

  • #7588 Take into account const generics in Move type constraint to parameter list quick-fix

  • #7587 Fix overflow when parsing coverage report

Full set of changes can be found here