New Features

  • #7849 Add inspections and quick-fixes for unused_must_use and clippy::double_must_use lints

  • #8542 Parse generic parameters, type aliases and type bindings of generic associated types

  • #8709 Allow installing Rust plugin together with Toml plugin without IDE restart. Note, Rust plugin update still requires IDE restart

  • #5642 Add Base URL for external documentation option to Advanced settings. This allows setting up custom base URL for external documentation, defaulting to (by @Kobzol)

Performance Improvements

  • #8746 Share single thread pool between macro expansion and name resolution


  • #8741 Fix external linter showing outdated results when more than one file is opened

  • #8745 Fix false-positive Unresolved reference for local enum variants brought into scope using glob import

  • #8808 Fix AssertionError exception when indexing test cfg options

  • #8790 Improve type inference for call expressions

  • #8805 Fix integration of EduTools plugin with Rust plugin

  • #8736 Add missing example of conditionally disabled code in Rust color settings page (Settings/Preferences | Editor | Color Scheme | Rust)

Internal Improvements

Full set of changes can be found here